I03 Let's Talk Trends, Part 2: What's Next for U.S. Healthcare Facility Design and Construction

  • Room: Osceloa Ballroom 1-2
  • Session Number:I03
Sunday, November 12, 2017: 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM


Sara Marberry EDAC
Writer, Blogger, Marketing Consultant
Sara Marberry, LLC
Sarah Bader IIDA LEED AP
Managing Director/Principal


What’s happened since Donald Trump took office that’s influenced healthcare facility design and construction? What does the future hold? Are urbanity, the patient experience movement, and demographics still the other top trends that are changing how and where people receive healthcare? What’s the role of technology? Will the construction boom keep going in parts of the country? Continuing the conversation from last year’s standing-room-only interactive session, the discussion leaders draw on findings from recent industry reports and surveys to spark the conversation. Come prepared to share and talk about which trends you think are shaping our industry today.

Learning Objectives

Explore current trends affecting healthcare facility design. Learn about predictions for the future of healthcare facility design. Find sources for identifying trends that influence healthcare facility design. Explore how design can respond to trends.

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